Acrylic Chore/Reward Chart

Acrylic Chore/Reward Chart

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A clever, clear, and easy-to-clean acrylic reward chart for kids. 

These chore/reward charts are made using clear acrylic, perfect for easy cleaning so you can change it up each week.

Each chart features a space for daily chores with a checkbox for the kids mark them complete, as well as a spot at the top to include the prize you want to offer them for completing all tasks. 

You can use this reward chart to include tasks you would like the kids to do each day (like clean their room, pick up their toys, put their clothes away etc) and then reward them for their efforts at the end of the week.  

  • Personalised with your child’s name
  • Want a custom design? Like add a weekly task box? Easy, just jot down the details with your order and I will make it happen.
  • Available in two display options. Either the floating design which means you can attach it to the wall using silver mounts, plasterboard screws and wall anchors OR sit in on a benchtop with a base stand (no drilling necessary) 
  • 3 sizes available, A5, A4 or A3
  • Whiteboard marker not included (I personally prefer the 0.7mm Posca's textas)

What a fantastic way to encourage the kids to help around the house and get rewarded for their efforts!