What are vinyl decals?

Vinyl decals are labels which have been precision cut using a professional vinyl cutting machine and NOT a Cricut hobby machine. As each decal is individually cue we are able to make each label 100% customised to your individual needs. As each decal is cut, we apply a clear transfer tape over the vinyl for application. Decals are cut labels and not printed


What are your decals made out of?

Our decals are cut from the highest professional grade vinyl within Australia. We use brands such as Oracal, Avery, Aslan and StyleTech. No Cricut brand will ever be used.


How long do the labels last once applied? Can they be removed?

When used outdoors, vinyl decals can last up to 8 years. Each vinyl brand, colour and style has a different stability so if you are concerned please enquire before purchase. If you have applied your decals, but then change your mind, they can be easily removed by carefully picking off the edge and peeling off the decal.


What surfaces can I apply vinyl decals to?

Vinyl decals can be applied to pretty much any clean smooth surface including, but not limited to, glass, plastic, timber, walls or tiles. Vinyl decals are not suitable for fabric, silicone, rubber or textured surfaces however we do offer Heat Transfer Vinyl decals for fabric and other varied applications (see below).


Are they easy or hard to apply?

Our vinyl decals are super easy to apply and come with a easy to follow instruction sheet, plus if you have any difficulties please feel free to message us for help and we will gladly assist you.


Is there any special care requirements for the decals?

Our vinyl decals are waterproof, however they are NOT dishwasher or microwave safe so a gentle hand wash in warm soapy water is essential for the longevity of your decals.




What are Heat Transfer Vinyl decals?

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) decals are suitable for use on fabric, certain timber and other slightly textured surfaces. They are cut using the same vinyl cutting process as the adhesive vinyl but without needing the clear transfer carrier tape applied.

How do I apply HTV decals?

As the same states, adhesion is gained by heating the decals using a iron or heat press. With smaller decals you can even use a hair straightener. Adhesion is gained by pressing the iron onto the decal on the surface for 10-20 seconds. Please note, they are not suitable for all fabric so please test if the heat will damage your items before application.


Are HTV decals easy to apply?

Absolutely! All of our decals are super easy to apply and come with instructions.


How long to HTV decals last?

If applied correctly, they could last forever! Once applied they are no longer removeable so please make sure you apply the straight. Once the glue has activated from the heat it will bond with the fabric for permanent infusion. 


Are there any special care instructions for items with HTV decals?

Yes, wash garment inside out and on the gentle cycle. Do NOT tumble dry.



Can I create a custom order?

Of course you can! As our decals are 100% customisable we can create any lettering you could wish for. When ordering, during the checkout process you will have a spot which says "notes to seller" in which you can leave me any personalised notes for your order. 

In addition, if you would like to create a fully customised order please email me at info@foreverinaname.com.au and we will work directly with you to make your ideas come into reality.


I'm looking for a particular colour but it's not on your list?

That's easy! Send me through a message and a pic of the colour you need and I will do my best to source a vinyl colour to match your needs.


Same as fonts? I can't find one I like on your list?

That's ok, I have 1,000's of fonts available so I can't show them all on here so if you have an example of what you would like please message a sample through and I will see if I can source it for you to match.



When will my order be shipped?

Shipping will depend on when it was ordered. Generally all items are posted within 3-10 business days but delays can happen especially during school holidays as I work from home and have young kids that demand my attention. 


What packaging will my order be in when shipped?

Generally, decals will be placed in a sealed cello pocket and in a general envelope. For larger and bulky items they are wrapped in bubble wrap and then wrapped up in a brown waterproof paper to ensure your items arrive in perfect condition or in a cardboard box depending on the order.


What do I do if my item has arrived damaged or is incorrect?

Please let me know IMMEDIATELY! I will do my best to replace your damaged item or remake a incorrect item.


What if I change my mind once I've received my order?

Unfortunately refunds are not accepted for "change of mind" as each order is custom made and personalised to your needs. We may however be able to work to do our best to make you happy by finding an alternative.



Any additional questions please feel free to message us directly info@foreverinaname.com.au